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The Car Accident Firm is a law firm designed specifically for persons involved in car accidents or other types of automobile accidents. The Car Accident Firm is designed to be the only business one needs to contact when involved in a car or other type of automobile accident. Best of all, The Car Accident Firm will get you paid for your injuries, time off of work, expenses, damages, property loss, future expenses, medical care, future medical care, disabilities, inconveniences, loss of companionship, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering. The only fee or way a client of The Car Accident Firm will have to pay The Car Accident Firm anything is if The Car Accident Firm gets a person paid for injuries, future medical expenses, disabilities, and pain and suffering and even then, The Car Accident Firm only gets a percentage of what they get the client. Unlike other law firms, The Car Accident Firm doesn't charge for getting clients paid for their property loss or damage to their vehicles. Attorney Afram Malki put together the Malki Law Firm (aka The Car Accident Firm) so that people don't have to call a random hot-line to get help and instead can get the help of an experienced and righteous attorney and his well trained law firm.

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