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How We Get You the Most Money!

People often ask how it is that we can get the the most money possible following their accident. To begin we find and preserve all evidence. Photos and videos of the accident scene, damage to vehicles or property, injury photos, medical images and medical records, and more are used to identify and establish that not only was the other person or company at fault, but our client did not contribute to the accident or contributed as little as possible. We make sure to find all possible insurance policies and assets to make sure our clients get every dollar and benefit possible including finding insurance of the driver, the vehicle owner, the employer of the vehicle including if any had umbrella or other types of coverage available. We also know insurance policies well and are able to identify uninsured or under insured coverage and if this insurance is stacking or multiplied in any way. Than we work with out client to understand thoroughly how the accident has affected them so we can maximize the pain and suffering element of their settlement, whether they lost income or will lose income in the future. We make sure each injury or symptom is properly documented. Most people don't know this, but injury victims are entitled to be compensated for their medical bills for life, their future and lifelong pain and suffering, and income they will miss out on for the remainder of their life even if it is speculative.

To us we strongly believe that each human life is priceless. Even the tiniest of injuries is unmeasurable and extremely valuable. A person only gets one body in their lifetime and need it to be as healthy as possible. When a person is injured in an accident it is important that they not only get all of the medical help possible, but that they get compensated to the fullest. Even the largest insurance policies aren't enough to fully compensate a human being that is injured.

It is hard to put into words the dedication, tenacity, and relentlessness that also goes into getting clients the most money possible. A lot of it comes from the hard work and attention to detail that we put into each case. Our reputation for expecting the most money for each of our clients also goes a long way because insurance companies and defense firms have come to know us over the last ten plus years as the firm that will do anything possible to get the most amount of money for clients!

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