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Attorney, Afram Malki, helped secure a $750,000 auto accident settlement for one of his clients despite the fact that the Defendant argued that they were not at fault. This disputed liability auto accident case was set for trial and Malki Law was ready to go before the Defendants decided to make our client an offer that he couldn't refuse. Attorney, Afram Malki, wanted to decline the offer and get the client even more money, but since the client really wanted to accept, the case was settled and the client is now extremely happy and a huge fan of Malki Law and attorney, Afram Malki.  

Recent Results for Our Clients


$2.9 Million Dollars! Could have been $3 Million dollars, but the client was more than content already and didn't want to delay her case any longer for the extra $100,000. Although we always push to get the most money possible, we respect our clients' wishes when they want to resolve the case and accept offers against our consult! This really was, however, an amazing result that surpassed all expectations! Client actually came to us with low expectations and didn't really know what to do. We knew what to do and guided her with the best medical care while we built up her case to ensure she received an offer that was too good to pass up. Every penny received was deserved as she was rear ended at a high rate of speed and did suffer some serious injuries, but if you look at her now, you wouldn't even know she was in an accident or injured. She has since been feeling very blessed and gives gratitude to where it is deserved (God and God's servant, attorney Afram Malki). 


$2.5 Million Dollars! This case  involved a drunk driver colliding into the back of the vehicle which our client was in. Our client started off with a different law firm, but when they never called him back and wanted him to take a small offer (less than 10% of what we got him) we followed the advise of his friends and called 877-The-Firm. We fought hard to show that his injuries were much worse than the insurance tried to say. The insurance defense law firm tried using the client's Facebook page showing him living his life, a Private Investigator who conducted  surveillance on our client, and had one of their doctors examine him to say our client was not hurt, when attorney Afram Malki convinced them that their tactics would not work and the client was indeed deserving of the money money possible, they backed down and paid up. Punitive damages against the Defendant were the icing on the cake to secure this $2,500,000.00 settlement.


Two policy limits recoveries came together to help this most deserving client get all of the compensation that he deserved. After the client was rear ended on a small road in New Port Richey, his girlfriend and now wife told him about the great experience she had after calling 877-The-Firm and hiring Malki Law! Client called and after the insurance tried to low ball, we filed suit and things came together quickly after that and our client got his money right before Christmas. Happy to say that the client and his now wife got married shortly after the accident and used some of their settlement to purchase their retirement home. This was truly a fairy tale ending for this gentleman who has already send us a family member because he knows we will fight until we get every last dime. 


$1.2 Million Dollars! Our client came to us after the loss of their child and of course no amount of money can make up for losing a family member especially a child, but justice was what this case was about. The insurance company actually offered nothing, zip, nada to settle this claim, and they denied liability. The key to this case was convincing the insurance company that their insured was liable. Once liability was shown, the monetary amount spoke for itself and could have been more had the policy been bigger and had the family not wanted to get the case resolved and on with their lives. The decision on each side was greatly respected and understood. This client has since referred several friends and family members of hers to Malki Law Firm - The Car Accident Firm - 877-THE-FIRM


When one insurance policy wasn't enough (in our opinion; our client was happy with it) attorney Afram Malki found more policies to get this auto accident client the most she could get as possible! This case involved one of the most intense confidentiality agreements known, but to help secure the most funds for the client, signing a confidentiality agreement and not be able to discuss the details was a no-brainer. Let's just say the client and her family were very happy!


Improper left hand turn accident resulting in huge monetary settlement for a most deserving client of ours. At fault driver made an improper left hand turn into oncoming traffic causing our client serioius injuries. Afram Malki, Esq and the Malki Law team filed suit and scheduled the case for trial. Before trial took place, the offers began rolling in. Every offer was rejected except the absolute most available to be paid (policy limits!). Client may have had some prior health issues, but this accident was shown to have made things worse, so the Defendant was obligated to cover all of the injuries sustained under Florida's "Egg Shell Theory" law. This client has since referred several friends of his to Malki Law Firm - The Car Accident Firm - 877-THE-FIRM


Talk about a prior injury having no affect on the value of a case. This client went to the hospital a week before the accident we received this recovery for complaining of neck pain from a accident she suffered in a prior accident (that we did not represent her for). Insurance argued that the injuries were from the prior accident and that this accident wasn't serious enough to have any affect on her prior injuries. A big international brand was the defendant (Ford and Jaguar) and they hired a team of nasty insurance defense lawyers, but attorney Afram Malki, Esq and his team were able to crush them. Case settled for much more than the client had expected. Client was referred by a prior satisfied client of ours and she too is now a happy client referring more clients to Malki Law - The Car Accident Firm - 877-THE-FIRM


Attorney, Afram Malki, secured a $750,000 auto accident settlement for one of his clients despite the fact that the Defendant argued that they were not at fault. This disputed liability auto accident case was set for trial and Malki Law was ready to go before the Defendants decided to make our client an offer that he couldn't refuse. Attorney, Afram Malki, wanted to decline the offer and get the client even more money, but since the client really wanted to accept, the case was settled and the client is now extremely happy and a huge fan of Malki Law and attorney, Afram Malki.  This case involved one of the biggest companies in the world and they hired many different experts to try to make it seem like our client was at fault and that his injuries weren't serious, but Malki Law goes up against the biggest companies all of the time and we hired our own experts and through the diligence and intelligence of attorney Afram Malki, this huge corporation backed down quick!


Attorney, Afram Malki, secured a $725,000 auto accident settlement for another one of his clients. This auto accident was considered a low impact and there wasn't much damage to the client's vehicle.  The Defendant's insurance company initially was not offering any money and would refuse to make any offers near the six figure range. We filed suit and scheduled a trial date which caused the Defendant's insurance company to get nervous. Attorney, Afram Malki, was ready to take this car accident case all the way to trial, but at the mediation conference the Defendants came way up and made this nice offer to the client and the client was thrilled to accept this offer. Attorney, Afram Malki, was able to get most the of medical bills reduced down to almost nothing so the client got to walk away with most of this settlement free and clear in his pocket. 


Attorney, Afram Malki, secured a $700,000 auto accident settlement for a limousine driver who hired Malki Law Firm after considering many big firms such as Morgan & Morgan, Culpepper & Kurland, and Rubenstein Law. This client and attorney Afram Malki know he made the right decision after this huge settlement. The limousine driver was going through US 19 in Palm Harbor, FL when another commercial driver made a left hand turn in front of him cutting off our client's right of way. Our client initially treated thoroughly, but no longer wanted to treat when Covid-19 virus struck. That did not stop attorney Afram Malki and his team from deploying top tactics to secure a settlement that left the client extremely happy. The client was happy he picked Malki Law Firm over the bigger firms because attention to detail and Malki's thoroughness is what led to the settlement figure being as high as it was.


This quick and easy car accident settlement happened approximately six months after the accident. This was an auto accident that is considered to be a minor impact since very little property damage was caused on the vehicle. Despite the severity of the impact, attorney Afram Malki did a great job showing that even the smallest auto accident can lead to serious injuries. This client was referred by a friend of Afram Malki and since then the client has referred several people to our law firm. 


Attorney, Afram Malki, secured a $650,000 settlement for a bicyclist who ran into a vehicle after the vehicle crossed into a sidewalk cutting him off. This client actually went to other law firms who did not want to take his case, but when he called 877-The-Firm and hired Malki Law Firm, attorney Afram Malki got to work and proved the accident wasn't his fault since although the client ran into the car; it was shown that the car cut him off. This client was a former college athlete and had number documented pre-existing injuries, but attorney Afram Malki proved that new injuries had been sustained and some of the prior injuries had been made worse.  This accident happened new the University of South Florida where attorney Afram Malki attended undergraduate school. Client was happy with the results. Go Bulls!


Liability disputed case where the other driver blamed a different vehicle that couldn't be located for the accident. Client was unsure he wanted to pursue the claim, but ended up very happy with the results. Attorney Afram Malki is confident he could have obtained more then the over $408,000 settlement, but the client was happy with the amount and wanted his case settled before the holiday season! Client is not back on his boat enjoying life and happy he chose Malki Law Firm. This particular client knew attorney Afram Malki from his youth at East Lake High School in Tarpon Springs, FL and decided to stick with his gut and trust a person he's known for decades rather than the larger law firms and it paid off nicely! The attorney for the defendant admitted that they couldn't and wouldn't be able to pay a penny more. Attorney Afram Malki loves getting the absolute most for his clients and it shows!


One of our youngest clients involved a young lady who had her convertible sports car crashed into by another driver who claimed the sun blinded his vision. The insurance company for the at fault driver originally offered $6,000 to get this claim resolved. Attorney Afram Malki and the staff at Malki Law: The Car Accident Firm filed a Complaint in Florida Circuit court and before the case was even mediated or settlement discussions began, the other driver’s insurance company accepted our offer of $350,000 to get the case resolved. The clients was extremely happy as this settlement exceeded her expectations by a lot. Client was happy just to get her medical bills paid and she got all that and way way more!


This auto accident involved a very minor impact. We had difficulty taking photos of the damage to our client's vehicle because the impact left a very small mark. However, the team at The Car Accident Firm know that even the most minor impacts can still cause serious and permanent injuries. The insurance company and their lawyers fought hard to minimalize the dismiss our client's claims, but attorney Afram Malki fought back to make sure our client received the benefits he desrerved. This settlement came shorty after the case was scheduled for trial and just prior to the actual trial taking place. The settlement could have been even higher had the policy limits not been only $350,000.


Two policy limits came together to make this great settlement! Middle aged male who was busy running his own business got into an accident and called 877-The-Firm and we made sure to get him the most money possible! This gentleman is now back to running his business and used the proceeds of the settlement to help invest more into his company! Client and his wife are extremely happy and rave about our services every chance they get!


This quick and easy car accident settlement happened approximately six months after the accident. The offer was originally small, but attorney Afram Malki got the other driver's insurance company to double their offer and then they tripped their offer. After the case was settled, attorney, Afram Malki, got the medical bills reduced down next to nothing meaning much more money went into the client's pockets! After this case was settled, the client referred our law firm to represent his own son who was also injured in a separate auto accident. 


Attorney, Afram Malki, helped secure this $300,000 for an out of town client. This case was highly contested and the defendant driver was denying many of our clients allegations. When push came to show and the motions and hearings done by attorney, Afram Malki, were too much for the insurance company of the other driver to handle, our client finally got the results he was looking for. This client is still very happy and is a huge fan of attorney, Afram Malk, and the Malki Law Firm aka "The Car Accident Firm"

Terry Smith

Mr. Malki and his team are definitely the best of the best. Always professional, punctual and overall just pleasant to work with. Malki Law fought to get me the maximum recovery and I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome. 

Lazaras Dawson

Afram Malki is a great lawyer and a great man. You are doing yourself a disservice if you hire any other attorney

Curtis Frantz

Provided a lot of great information and was very helpful! Always attentive and available when needed! Couldn't recommend a better law firm or attorney

Mark Brandon

Got my case handled quickly and I walked away with more money than expected. I’ll definitely come here again if I have another accident

Michael Nunez

I cannot say Enough about Malki Law Firm! They went above and beyond what I expected with my case. The always kept me informed and made sure I understood everything clearly explained. Malki went far above and beyond to help me and went out of his way to make sure all needs were met,  and addressed all my concerns. I am forever grateful for his service

Quenten Abbarno

I received a much bigger settlement than I expected and got to pocket most of it. 

Renee Chamberlain

They were outstanding and very helpful. I definitely recommend them if you are ever in a car accident. They are very nice and the staff is so kind. Happy and satisfied client.

Katie Mancera

He is the best lawyer out there. Works fast and his team is perfect. Thank you. 

Marsha Kline

Mr. Malki & his firm changed our lives. He is the most humble & genuine attorney that I've ever met.
His office made us feel cared about & important. In less than 10 months our case settled for maximum policy limits. There were NO HIDDEN COSTS OR FEES thrown at us.

Sue Rolon

Awesome legal representation! Afram is an excelente professional and human being! Treated us like family. He turned out our difficult situation into a well compensated one. Only my heart ♥️ can describe such huge gratitude. God bless!

Alexander Brown

Afram is an amazing attorney. Finished my case very fast and got amazing results. Staff always answered or got back to me same day. 

Bibi Sadeeka

This office staff is amazing! Mr. Malki is a pleasure to work with and easy to talk to, very understanding and humble!! 10/10 would recommend!

Only 5 Star Reviews on Google because 100% Client Satisfaction is our main priority!

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