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Welcome to The Car Accident Firm Specialists in Car Accident Law

The Car Accident Firm is a law firm designed specifically for persons involved in car accidents or other types of automobile accidents. The Car Accident Firm is designed to be the only business one needs to contact when involved in a car or other type of automobile accident. Best of all, The Car Accident Firm will get you paid for your injuries, time off of work, expenses, damages, property loss, future expenses, medical care, future medical care, disabilities, inconveniences, loss of companionship, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering. The only fee or way a client of The Car Accident Firm will have to pay The Car Accident Firm anything is if The Car Accident Firm gets a person paid for injuries, future medical expenses, disabilities, and pain and suffering and even then, The Car Accident Firm only gets a percentage of what they get the client. Unlike other law firms, The Car Accident Firm doesn't charge for getting clients paid for their property loss or damage to their vehicles. Attorney Afram Malki put together the Malki Law Firm (aka The Car Accident Firm) so that people don't have to call a random hot-line to get help and instead can get the help of an experienced and righteous attorney and his well trained law firm.

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Get Your Vehicle Fixed

We don't charge anything to help you get full value for your vehicle which was totaled in a crash (declared a total loss) or repaired if the vehicle wasn't totaled. We work with and have a good relationship with the top mechanics throughout the state of Florida. Most other law firms or "accident help lines" won't spend anytime helping you with the damage to your vehicle. A vehicle is a valuable possession that we rely on in our day to day lives therefore we fight to not allow insurance companies to delay this most important resource.

Car Rentals

While your car is being repaired, given estimates, or evaluated for a total loss or replacement, we work vigilantly to get you into a car rental as soon as possible. We have connections with many car rental companies throughout the state of Florida. Most other law firms or "accident help lines" won't spend anytime helping you get a car rental. A vehicle is a valuable possession that we rely on in our day to day lives therefore we fight to not allow insurance companies to delay this most important resource.

Medical Care

The most important aspect of a car accident is the health of the person(s) involved in the car accident. We work and have good relationships with literally every type of doctor or physician a person should see after being involved in a car accident throughout the state of Florida. We help schedule our clients with doctors and/or physicians based on needs/symptoms in the geographical area they are in or will be. Even if a person doesn't have insurance, our doctors will still be willing to see them based on the fact that we are on the case.

Medical Bills

We work with all medical facilities to keep this bills as manageable as possible. More importantly, we fight insurance companies to force them to compensate for every medical bill incurred and any foreseeable medical bills which may be incurred. Our clients don't have to pay anything out of pocket while there case is handled and the bills are paid from the case proceeds and negotiated down by our office significantly. Most other law firms or "accident help lines" won't spend the time to reduce medical bills or make it so no out of pocket expenses are incurred by our clients.

About Us

The team behind The Malki Law Firm bring you The Car Accident Firm. The Car Accident Firm is the one stop shop for victims of car accidents. A person involved in a car accident now only has one number to call (the number of a real law firm) to get all of the help they need in recovering from a car accident and getting their life back together and fully compensated. The Malki Law Firm was founded by attorney Afram Malki, ESQ for the purpose of providing the people of Florida with the best solutions to their legal problems at prices they can afford and with compassion, respect, and understanding. Through the years, Mr. Malki was able to put together a staff of intelligent and hard working individuals who are dedicated to the clients they serve. The personnel at The Malki Law Firm are skilled at resolving conflicts successfully without the need to go to trial or court, but if this need shall arise, The Malki Law Firm has the experience, strength, and vigor to achieve success. The Malki Law Firm is becoming known as the fastest growing Personal Injury law firm. The success of the Malki Law Firm in handling car accident cases has led it to become known by many of its clients as "The Car Accident Firm" which encouraged Afram Malki and The Malki Law firm to take it a step further and develop The Car Accident Firm which is a DBA of The Malki Law Firm and decided specifically for car accident cases and providing victims of car accidents with all of the help they need in dealing with car accidents. This firm prides itself with being one of the few firms who allow their clients and potential clients to walk into any of their offices without an appointment to get answers to their legal questions and concerns in addition to being available through the telephone or internet 24/7 and meeting the clients anywhere they chose. Every client has access to the cellular phone number of the persons working on their case.

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